$100-$200 router budget?

If a single device meets you needs then it's all good!

Multiple APs from the same vendor that support wifi roaming standards can probably make a difference when multiple APs are required to get wifi coverage - but for a single AP, it's probably not worth it.

And regarding sqm. I was a bit obsessed with it until I forgot to enable it after a reinstall. Turned out, in my case, I didn't even miss it.

Get an asus rt-ax86, and run the stock firmware. If you do need sqm or want openwrt, just get a small r4s or similar.

EDIT: edgerouter x runs openwrt well. It can manage sqm up to around 150-200 Mbit. This may be interesting
2 Gbps WAN/LAN NAT Routing on ramips MT7621 devices not sure it supports sqm though