1 Gigabit WiFi router recommendation for Indian Market

It looks good, even though it is expensive... the main thing is, does it support HFO and how fast can it transmit over WiFi 5?

yes sorry i'm speak of this router

yesterday i has make which test for see but not in fiber for the moment

sqm + sfo has a good bufferbloat with my hap ac2 mikrotik
i'm test surely saturday with my mate on fiber :slight_smile:

SQM + SFO + HWO http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/67711976
SQM + SFO http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/67712001
SQM http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/67712028
SFO http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest
SFO + HWO http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/67712079


Thanks for the links, the DSL report only shows 50 Mbps so I don't think it is pushing the router to it's limit... even my old Archer C60 can do ~90 Mbps.

Anyway, I'd highly appreciate it if you are able to test transmission speed over WiFi. This can be done by having 2 peers, one sending data via LAN and another one reciving it via WiFi. I don't know the ideal software to do this, maybe someone can suggest something.


Just noticed this part of your post. Thanks, I'll be waiting for the results :smiley:

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Thank you for the recommendations everyone, I have eventually settled on the C6 that I mentioned in the first post after realizing that I am not really keen to have a high-spec router costing >$100

I bought the Archer C6 on sale for $31, hopefully it will do justice to my 150 Mbps fiber :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S I am still interested in the performance of Linksys and other routers mentioned on this page.

OEM firmware can get around 800Mbits in wire too... Openwrt is almost the same performance in wire than the vendor firmware.... Wireless is the problem... The vendor firmware can get around 600MBits in wifi 5 with a decent smartphone (S10) is good conditions (no other access point around) ... With the MT76 wireless driver from openwrt, I can't get more that 250MBits... The open driver have improved a lot over years. (first use o MT76 was only 50MBits), but it still lacks some advanced features....


@gaspare I was thinking about building my own firmware image with the proprietary wireless driver from the stock firmware, will investigate if this is possible.

Edit: Opened a new thread about it:


hello i have bought a belkin rt3200 i'm waith one week for receveid

i keep inform

the hap ac2 for fiber is bad and burn after many hour or used

belkin seems goods for twitch livestreaming and ps4 ps5 in same times :slight_smile:


What's AC2?

Yeah... the PS4 doesn't use much WiFi bandwidth anyway.

It does, during game updates, and the link you posted can hardly be used as a reference.
Our slim can go up to 13-15MB/s if the sender permits it.

It's no fun switching it on, to discover that you have a 4hr DL ahead of you because you wifi sucks.
Some of it can however be mitigated by shutting the PS4 down to stand by mode, instead of off.

MB/s? Megabytes per second? My PS4 Pro can hadly do 40 Megabit/s, testing using both the built-in "Test your connection" option and via the browser. Like I mentioned in reddit, I can easily get 150 Megabit/s on my phone at the same location connected to the same SSID :thinking:

Yeah MB.

It's a 1/1 gbit, so it's still "slow" , but if I connect it using a ethernet cable, I can't (as) easily kill internet for jr :slight_smile:

Didn't see/realize you were the same person as in the reddit link, I apologize.

Clearly something is wrong with my PS4 set up as I hardly get ~3-4 MB/s with a 15 MB/s connection :frowning_face:

No worries.

Where are you located, geographically?

I can easily make our PS4 DL slower, by using a DNS in US, while being in EU.
Then the name lookup will point towards American servers, instead of Europe.

India. I have not explicitly configured any DNS servers (just use the ISP defaults), I have seen a million video on YouTube to "Speed up PS4 download speed (100% WORKING 2021)", all of them changing DNS servers to Cloudflare or Google... is that actually supposed to work?

Even if my PS4 connects to an American server, why would download speed be effected? Only the ping should be a bit higher than usual.

Depends on where the DL servers are located, your ISPs peering, and what they use for their upstream DNS.

I have two piholes as DNSes running on free VPS servers in US. The free VPSes are only available from an US DC, so I had no choice.

Piholes were set to use as upstream DNS.

Problem is Google checks where the DNS query comes from, and returns the closest/best IP for the requestor.

Since all my DNS calls came from my piholes, in US, I always got to use American servers when DLing/updating, even though I'm actually on EU.

This is why it might be good to know which upstream DNSes your ISP use.
Or bypass them by switching to on your PS4.

But, if there are no update servers close to you, it might actually not make any difference.

Changing DNS servers can not improve throughput for established connections, it may only avoid broken ISP DNS ressources or maaaybeee (unlikely) reduce latencies for DNS lookups (but your ISP's servers should always be faster, unless they're doing something very wrong). Once a download has been started, there won't be any further DNS lookups (for this connection) anymore and no speed-ups based on that.

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Indeed, but you you can pause them, which can increase the speed, since there will be a DNS call made when you resume.
Assuming you get assigned to a new/better/faster server.

@slh Exactly my thought.

@frollic What about the usual speed tests though? I used fast.com (Netflix's service) to test and it shows the same results... while on the phone I see 150 Mbps.

Curious, who provides these free VPS servers?

In theory, your PS4 might be routing all the web traffic via Sonys servers... But it's a guess, i have no idea ,)

It's Oracle, and it's two VPSes per email address.

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Yeah, I considered that scenario too... hope they aren't doing that.

Ah, I see... I recall that they asked for my phone number, so I didn't proceed with the account.