1 connection, 2WAN, 2 LAN and problems

Hi all, this is my Network configuration:
Network Scheme

I would like to use my PCs on VLAN10 and my servers on VLAN 20.
2 ports are VLAN 10 (1 LAN and 1 WAN), 2 ports are VLAN20 (1 LAN and 1 WAN).

Having 1 Gbps connections on all of my routers/switches/PC/Server I have the possibility to use 2 og my 2,5 Gbps FTTH connection.

The main problem is that all of the packets are routed to WAN02.
My routing table shows GW
I cannot give 2 GW do my 2 VLANS so that all of the packets in VLAN 10 are routed to and the packets in VLAN 20 are routed to

If I manually add a new static route it simply does not appear in the routing table (like if I can have only 1 route for destination).

What am I missing?



There are two ways to handle this... take a look at:
Policy Based Routing